The First International LAMS Conference: Designing the Future of Learning

2007 European LAMS Conference


Thank you to all those who helped make the 2007 European LAMS Conference a success.  A special thank you goes to the presenters who gave us a rich and varied program that has given us much to think about.  Thank you also to our Gold sponsors JISC and Eduserv and to the staff of Greenwich University for providing a stunning venue and being very welcoming and extremely helpful.

Audio recordings of most of the sessions were made and the presenters have provided their PowerPoint slides. These files can be accessed from the Program page.

Following the success of the First International LAMS conference in 2006, the focus of this European conference was once again on designing for the future. Where will Learning Design take us now? How is LAMS shaping up? What are the challenges for individuals and organisations? Importantly we wanted to capture the experience of those who have used LAMS and share some of the lessons learnt in higher education, the K-12 sector, vocational and professional education.

Related to the conference, on July 6th there was Pedagogic Planner Roundtable at London Knowledge Labs hosted by James Dalziel and Diana Laurillard. This roundtable was an event for those working in the area.


If you need further information about future LAMS conferences, training or workshops, please email us.



The 2nd International LAMS Conference will be held in Sydney on 26th November-29th November, 2007. In addition to a rich conference program, there will be a variety of training opportunities offered. For more details, see the Sydney Conference webpage or email us.


The 2007 European LAMS Conference followed the e-learning@greenwich conference - Designing for Learning (4th July 2007), which was held at the same venue earlier in the week.


5th - 7th July 2007